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#HoneyMoonwithoutHoney: Man's quest to save honeymoon after wife loses passport

Faizan Patel is enjoying la dolce vita on his honeymoon in Italy...minus one thing: His honey.
/ Source: TODAY

One man is enjoying la dolce vita on his picturesque honeymoon in Italy...minus one key thing: His honey.

After tying the knot in December, New Delhi-based photographer Faizan Patel, 29, and his wife Sana decided to embark on the ultimate romantic getaway — two weeks of soaking in the sights and charms of Italian hot spots, including Venice, Milan, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, and even the Eternal City of Rome.

But those plans quickly took a wrong turn when Sana misplaced her passport just two days before takeoff.

"Initially, I did think she was pranking me," Patel told TODAY via email. "Or maybe I was hoping it was a prank. Alas!"

Unfortunately, the waylaid passport was no joke, and the groom was forced to travel solo.

"Traveling to Italy without wifey," he wrote in a tweet, capped off by the hashtag #HoneyMoonwithoutHoney.

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Patel may have jetted off to the magical land of pizza and gelato alone, but he still managed to find a way to bring along his bride...sort of.

Once on board his flight, he tweeted a photo of himself alongside a photo of Sana, which he held up against the empty seat next to him as he flashed a cheesy grin.

"This is how I am traveling with my wife as of now," he wrote.

He included Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of India's External Affairs in his tweet, and Swaraj has been working ever since to fix the couple's passport fiasco.

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According to Patel, Sana has since gotten her passport issued and should be receiving her visa on Thursday evening. If all goes as planned, she will be on the next plane to Italy immediately after, meeting her lonely groom in either Florence or Rome.

In the meantime, Patel has been busy enjoying his first trip to Europe, but told TODAY that he would be loving it even more if he had his wife by his side — especially since she was the mastermind behind their fabulous excursion.

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Fingers crossed that the newlyweds are soon reunited in arguably the most romantic land of all.

Ciao, bella!