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Gwyneth's 'Apple' polish and the 'it' summer bag

'Today' style guru Steven Cojocaru shares a look at the latest must-have items for the celeb set.  Check out the items he discusses on "Today."
/ Source: TODAY

Just what is keeping Nicole Kidman on her toes? Why Gwyneth Paltrow is getting a little apple polish. And which male celebs are hitting the bottle — the baby bottle, that is. You’ll find all of this and more from “Today” contributor and celebrity style expert Steven Cojocaru. Learn more about the items he discusses on “Today”:

Apple of Your Eye necklace:
Where you can find it:
Price: $315
With the birth of their new baby girl, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are getting showered with special gifts from friends. A big Hollywood executive (and good friend of the newlyweds) gifted new mommy Gwyneth with Lizzie Scheck’s 14 karat gold 2pt diamond apple pendant necklace, $315. The card read for the “Apple of Your Eye.”

Diaper Dude:
Where you can find it: 1-877-310-8442
Price: $60
And mommies aren’t the only ones needing a diaper bag! “Diaper Dude” — the newly launched special daddy diaper bag ($60) — was given to new daddy, Chris Martin, by a good friend. This tote is a hip, camouflage (masculine-looking) diaper bag designed specifically with dads in mind. Now those poor daddies out there don’t have to be embarrassed carrying around flowery, girlie-looking diaper bags. This cool, hip, funky diaper bag is compartmentalized and has enough space to hold those essentials for a day out with dad (complete with changing pad, cell phone holder and key ring for dads on the go). In addition, three large front pockets are designed for wipes, food, bibs, utensils and more. The main compartment contains a special place for diapers, changing pad and is big enough to hold a change of clothes, toys and extras. A bottle holder is at arms reach, so dad can access milk or juice at a moments notice. Best of all: Diaper Dude is form fitting to the body, comfortable and affordable. Besides new poppa Chris Martin, other celeb dads who have Diaper Dude: Ben Stiller, David Arquette, and Eric McCormick.

“Today”/Cojocaru exclusive: The “It” summer bag — Kooba Bags:
Where you can find it: 212-777-5113
Price: $175-$475
The celebrity bag of the summer! Jennifer Garner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Catrall, Alicia Keys, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Brittany Murphy have all been toting around this charming functional leather bag. Tote-able for every occasion, they come in an array of summer colors: light pink, lilac, white, gold and silver.

Revolutionary mascara: Stephane Marais Mascara
Where you can find it: 1-800-HBENDEL
Price: $23.50
Stephane Marais,a French makeup artist, who is responsible for many of the avant garde looks from the Paris runway, has finally launched his cosmetic collection in the U.S., exclusively at Henri Bendel.  The top product in Stephane Marais’ brand new collection is the “Mascara Comb,” available for $44. No need to gulp at the weighty price for beautiful long lashes. This product is worth it. What makes this so different from all the others? The key to this special mascara is that Marais created a unique wand applicator with a special built-in lash “comb.” It’s similar in shape to the little plastic combs your dad would bring home from the barber shop. The comb separates each individual eyelash from the others, unlike most mascaras on the market which brush your lashes with bendy strands — inevitably leading to your lashes clumping together. The result: Marais’s Majestic Mascara Comb adds significant volume, length and holding power in just one single stroke, so each lash gets the full pampering it deserves, and it’s guaranteed not to result in clumping. The $44 wand is available in 5 shades at 1-800-HBENDEL.

Just say “no” to sandals with London Sole Ballet Flats:
Where you can find it: 1-800-HBENDEL
$135-$280Have you been so busy that you weren’t able to fit in your (weekly/biweekly) pedicure? Are you one of those women who hates to show your toes? Or, are you simply looking for a way to cover your feet up from the sweltering sun and keep your footsies nice and comfy?  Here are four words for you: London Sole Ballet Flats. Ranging from $135 to $280, the alternative to sandals to cure your summer foot blues, will finally be available in New York for the very first time, at Henri Bendel starting next week. Celebs who sport these fancy shmancy shoes: Nicole Kidman, Elle MacPherson, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss, and Calista Flockhart. London Sole (one of London’s most unique boutiques) is dedicated to classic ballet flats as a chic and comfortable alternative to sandals and stilettos. Famous throughout Europe, with an army of devotees, London Sole’s girlie girl flats are finally making it across the Atlantic to New York! The shoes have cute names to go with each style, such as: Low Cut Sexy Skimmers, City Toecaps, Kensington Party Flats, Chelsea Ballet Flats and Madonna Hand Lasted Italian Flats, and Bubble Sole Driving Shoes.