Ghostly 'fireman's guardian' hovers near cabins saved from wildfire

/ Source: TODAY

An Idaho family's cabin that was somehow spared by a wildfire may have had some supernatural help.

Jeanette Empey posted a photo on Facebook taken by her husband, Bruce, from a cliff overlooking a fire near their cabin in Bone on Aug. 22, with a mysterious figure seemingly in the smoke.

Empey dubbed the spooky figure "the fireman's guardian" floating above a tree in the picture. To the right of the figure in the photo is an actual fireman in a yellow coat who was there battling the blaze.

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Firefighters had told the family that they most likely wouldn't be able to save the cabins, but the next day they returned to find the structures still standing despite being surrounded by scorched earth.

"There is an oasis in the middle of all this burned land,'' Empey told East Idaho News. "To me – that is a miracle."

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