'Exactly where we belong': Why this couple adopted 3 children from Haiti

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Craig and Kathi Juntunen's story is featured in Hoda Kotb's new book "Where We Belong: Journeys That Show Us The Way," that tells how people have found their life purposes in unexpected ways.

Craig and Kathi Juntunen seemingly had it all, including a picturesque home on a beautiful property and a comfortable life of retirement, until one day the married couple decided to take a sharp turn.

"I was wholeheartedly committed to not have children be part of my life," Craig told TODAY. "It's not that I didn't like kids. I wanted to be a successful businessman ... and I didn't want to have the distraction of other things in my life."

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Craig and Kathi Juntunen

That all changed when Craig was 51 and Kathi was 48. They went on a trip to Haiti as a family of two and returned as a family of five.

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The Juntunens visited an orphanage where they met three siblings, Quinn, Amelec and Espie.

Craig and Kathi Juntunen

"When I was in the midst of that orphanage, and even walking away from that orphanage, there was this voice saying 'do something,'" Craig remembers. "Obviously 'something' was to adopt one or two, or in our case, three of these children."

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Now, a decade later, 15-year-old Amelec, 14-year-old Espie and 10-year-old Quinn are living a life full of opportunity with parents Craig and Kathi.

Craig and Kathi Juntunen

Amelec is a star athlete. Espie is an aspiring designer. Quinn is a pint-size pianist.

"I like my parents because [of] how supportive and joyful they are and helpful they can be to me, and their loving soul and heart," Quinn told TODAY.

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It wasn't long before Craig and Kathi realized they wanted other couples to have the same experience they did.

Craig and Kathi Juntunen

In 2010, the Juntunens started two foundations, Both Ends Burning and Chances for Children, whose missions are to help orphaned children join loving families.

"Both my parents go out of their way to help other people," Espie told TODAY. "Even my older brother and younger brother do the same thing. They rub off on us almost!"

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"I believe we are exactly where we belong," Kathi said. "Everything in my past, in Craig's past, and even our children's past was shaped for where we are right now."

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