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'Duct taping the plane together'? Passenger shares preflight sight

One airplane passenger tweeted his concern when he watched some last-minute repairs being done with tape.
/ Source: TODAY

Between delays on the runway, security concerns and plain old flight phobia, boarding an airplane can make just about anyone feel a little anxious.

But when one of the last views a passenger sees from a window seat before takeoff is someone taping up part of the plane with what appears to be duct tape, well, that anxiety naturally amps up a bit.

Adam Wood captured a photo of that very scene Friday when he boarded an easyJet flight. He then shared it on Twitter, along with the hashtag "#finaldestination."

As ominous as it all seemed, easyJet reps were quick to address the situation.

Wood was obviously relieved.

But by then, Wood's photo had gone viral, and others chimed with concerns about that so-called duct tape — which, as it turned out, wasn't duct tape at all.

Unlike duct tape, speed tape is made to handle the heat, moisture and velocity planes encounter. Still, when some continued to express their concerns on Twitter, easyJet stressed that the tape was purely there for cosmetic, rather than structural, purposes.

Of course, Wood is far from the first passenger to notice a sticky situation like this.

Hopefully the response Wood received will help put others at ease when they see that familiar-looking tape on a flight in the future.

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