Boston Marathon bombing survivor engaged, expecting baby

Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon attack, and his girlfriend are now engaged and expecting their first child.

A man who lost both legs in the Boston Marathon attack is engaged to the woman he was cheering on during the race.

Jeff Bauman, 28, and his fiancée, Erin Hurley, also are expecting a baby this summer, Bauman announced on his Facebook charity page.

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For many in the nation, Bauman became the face of the last April’s tragedy after a photograph of him being rescued emerged as an iconic image from the ordeal. Emergency crews and volunteers, including a cowboy hat-wearing Carlos Arredondo, hustled Bauman to medical treatment in a wheelchair immediately after the attack. 

Later, while still hospitalized, Bauman was able to provide authorities a description of one of the suspected bombers. 

Bauman will be on TODAY on April 8 to talk about his experiences of the past year, as well as his new memoir, "Stronger," which will be released next month to coincide with the first anniversary of the bombing.

Charles Krupa / Today
An emergency responder and volunteers, including Carlos Arredondo in the cowboy hat, rush Bauman to safety last April 15, 2013 in Boston.

At the time of the attacks, Bauman had been in the crowd of spectators cheering on his girlfriend, Hurley, now his fiancée.

The couple, who became engaged in February, do not know the gender of their baby. The child is due July 14, they told the Associated Press.

‘‘My mom loves it. My dad’s going crazy,’’ Bauman said.

The couple plan to marry some time next year.

‘‘We've got a lot going on. So we don’t need to do everything all at once,’’ Hurley said.

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