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Attention all stressed out men!

What is it that stresses you out most? Are you looking for some help to beat the stress in your life? E-mail your stories and questions here.  

Are you ready to talk specifics about the effects (physical, emotional or psychological) of stress in your life? Have you experienced the negative impact of too much stress (heart attack, weight gain, hives, divorce, etc.)? Are you in need of some help to eliminate the stress in your day-to-day life? If so, then send us your stories and questions by filling out the form below.

The week of June 14, "Today" and the editors of Men's Health magazine will feature a special series on men and stress and we'd like to include you in our discussion. Men of any age are welcome to respond and must attribute your problems to your stressful lives. Please fill out this form with your story or question and we'll try to include you in our special series on "Today."