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2 people rescued after plane crashes into ocean — see the terrifying video

The pilot took out his phone and recorded himself in the water after the aircraft plunged into the water.
/ Source: TODAY

Two people were rescued after their plane crashed in California's Half Moon Bay on Tuesday.

Amazingly, the pilot of the downed aircraft, David Lesh, took out his phone and recorded himself while he and his female passenger remained in the water.

Lesh's friend, Owen Leipelt, was flying in a nearby plane taking pictures of Lesh's aircraft. He managed to take video and snap photos after Lesh's single-engine Beechcraft Bonanza went into the water when it lost power.

Lesh, who had taken off from San Jose, used a waterproof phone to capture him and his companion in the water. Neither had a lifejacket and they held onto seat cushions and window shades.

“Starting to get a little cold here," he said, recording himself in the water.

Their friend circled the site and contacted air traffic control, not knowing if Lesh and his companion were safe. Lesh and his passenger remained in the water for about 30 minutes before the Coast Guard rescued them.

"I have never been so relieved in my life to hear him on the phone," Leipelt said about Lesh calling him.

There were no injuries, reports San Jose NBC affiliate KNTV.

"The Coast Guard was awesome," Lesh said after the rescue. "If we were out there for another, a half an hour or something, I don't think my muscles would have been working."