Say what? Kmart's new 'Ship My Pants' ad goes viral

What did they say? Kmart's new commercial featuring the catchphrase "ship my pants" has gone viral online, thanks to some cheeky wordplay (don't get it? Say it out loud).

Fans shared their delight on Twitter:


And though some on Facebook thought it went too far, many more thought the ad was all in good fun:

Jennifer D'Andrea-Terreri wrote: "Well, when I first heard it this morning getting my young ones ready for school, we all all stopped after the first "shipped" to watch and listen some more ... Then they all started laughing as hard as they could they almost shipped THEIR pants!!!! LOL!! No harm done!"

"OMG soooo funny!!" wrote Paula Pecevich. "Just watched it on the Today show and already posted it on FB to my friends! Best commercial ever! That should have been a SUPERBOWL COMMERCIAL!!!"

Elaine Smith-Lee watched it "at least 5 times already" and Steve Wood thought it was "Funny as Ship."

The ad is all part of Kmart's new free online shipping for items you can't find in-store. The agency behind the ad also created Natalie's pet adoption PSA.

Is Kmart's "Ship My Pants" commercial funny or offensive? Weigh in!