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No joke: Funny or Die releases real weather app

Funny or Die weather app
Funny or Die

Funny or Die, the comedy video site co-founded by Will Ferrell, wants to give you the weather. 

Its new Funny or Die Weather app for the iPhone and iPad is real. It uses Weather Underground's technology to deliver five-day forecasts, humidity, the UV index and all of that other stuff that plenty of weather apps also feature. 

So why not just use the excellent, already available Weather Underground app?

Well, because, a joke can brighten an otherwise slushy winter day. Also, Funny or Die Weather actually looks pretty nice, with animations that will remind you, "Oh yeah, that is what rain looks like." 

The weather, now with jokes!Today

"Funny Or Die co-founders Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are meteorologists first and businessmen second," joked Funny Or Die CEO Dick Glover in a press release. "As California residents, they know all too well the unpredictability of mother nature — when you can swing wildly from a 78° degree sunny day to a 77° or 81° without reason it can be unsettling."

The app is currently available for free on iTunes. The company said it's "the first in a series of apps Funny Or Die plans to release in 2015," so hopefully there is a Will Ferrell-themed Snapchat clone in the works.