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Random acts of kindness brighten our day and even inspire us to pass it on

Acts of kindness that come out of the blue warm our hearts and can motivate others to do good as well.
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Has someone paid for your coffee? What about your entire meal? Perhaps you've received a helping hand when you need it most. Whatever the circumstance, random acts of kindness can brighten our day when we least expect them — and in many cases inspire us to help others. Here are some of the sweetest random acts of goodness we've seen this year.

1. Dad, daughter celebrate birthdays with '39 Random Acts of Kindness'

Anyone can make a wish for birthday presents, but a father and daughter celebrating their birthdays chose to be the gift-givers as they performed "39 Random Acts of Kindness."

random acts of kindness dad daughter nice
Lee Beck and his daughter, Amélie, celebrated their 32nd and 7th birthdays by performing "39 Random Acts of Kindness."Lee Beck

2. #MaddysMightyMinions: 8-year-old girl's tragic death leads to acts of kindness

The generous spirit of an 8-year-old Longmont, Colorado, girl who recently succumbed to bone cancer continues to inspire legions of supporters to perform acts of kindness in her honor.

random acts of kindness Maddy might minions cancer
Using the hashtag #MaddysMightyMinions, supporters of Maddy have been performing good deeds and posting their results on social media as a tribute.Courtesy of the Grayless family

3. Fast food worker's act of kindness caught on video

Find out why one worker at a fast food spot decided to help a special customer with his lunch.

4. Virginia Tech football players get into the (random) act of feeding folks for free

When one Virginia Tech offensive lineman was standing in line at Chipotle, he had a chat with the man behind him and made a decision to buy the stranger's meal.

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5. College football player hailed for kindness after buying girl surprise birthday gift

After learning which was one 3-year-old's favorite doll, a young man decided to get it for her.

6. Bride and groom ask guests to commit random acts of kindness as wedding gifts

When one couple planned their wedding, they requested something that couldn't be found on a registry. They asked their guests to perform a random act of kindness for others as their gift.

random acts of kindness bride groom wedding
Leigh Clark and her husband, James Clark, Jr., asked their wedding guests to do a random act of kindness for a stranger as their present to the couple.Miranda Lawson Photography

7. Older man gives heartwarming necktie lesson in train station

One young man in an Atlanta train station was dressed to impress. Except for his tie. Fortunately, an older couple noticed his struggle and jumped in to lend a hand.

8. A boy, a burger and a blessing: How a 5-year-old's good deed went viral

A 5-year-old boy eating out with his mom one night saw a hungry, disheveled man in need. Thanks to the boy's help, the stranger left with a full stomach while the other diners left with full hearts.

random acts of kindness
Five-year-old Josiah asked his mom to buy a stranger's mealWSFA

9. 'To the teenage boy at the skate park': Mom's letter goes viral

Jeanean Thomas had her stern "You listen here" mom voice ready to go when her young daughter encountered a clump of intimidating teen boys at a local skate park. But then one of those young men stepped up with an unexpected act of kindness.

random acts of kindness
Mom writes letter to thank young man who helped her daughterCourtesy of Jeanean Thomas

10. Hundreds surprise a little girl at her birthday party after no one RSVPs

Jenny Moretter didn't expect a lot of girls to show up to her daughter's 10th birthday party. But when absolutely no one RSVP'ed "yes," the Minnesota mother's heartbreak led to an outpouring of love that brought a whole town together in celebration.

random acts of kindness
Mom makes sure her daughter is celebrated on her 10th birthday.Keighla Anderson

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