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'Will & Grace' stars take TODAY on tour of the iconic apartment

'Will & Grace' stars Eric McCormack and Sean Hayes gave TODAY a tour of the set of Will's famous apartment ahead of the show's return after 11 years.
/ Source: TODAY

It's been 11 years since it was their home, but it's like the cast of "Will & Grace" never left Will's apartment.

Ahead of the Emmy-winning NBC sitcom's return on Sept. 28, cast members Eric McCormack (Will Truman) and Sean Hayes (Jack McFarland) gave Natalie Morales and TODAY a special tour of the set of Will's famous apartment.

"I mean, it's that weird thing that your brain does with time where it's like, 'I know it's been 11 years but it feels completely like a week has gone by,''' Hayes said.

McCormack, Hayes, Debra Messing (Grace Adler) and Megan Mulally (Karen Walker) will all reprise the roles they made famous from 1998-2006 during a 16-episode comeback season this fall. The show has already been picked up for a 13-episode second season.

"It's like your bedroom when you were a kid, right?" McCormack said about the return to the set. "You may leave your parents' house, but if they've left it intact, you feel like you're 13 again when you go home, and that's how this feels."

"Yeah, it feels completely relaxing, actually,'' Hayes said. "It feels like, easy."

The decor other than the color of the fireplace and a few other minor tweaks hasn't really changed much during the decade-plus hiatus.

"This is for the most part, the original apartment,'' McCormack said.

"I mean, there's little tiny things like the hardware is new, if you notice that,'' Hayes said.

The portrait of a man with his shoulders up and no shirt that hangs near the door remains, and the picture of a naked guy with strategically-placed flowers is also back.

Morales asked if the painting near the door depicts "a brooding Will."

Is that a painting of 'a brooding Will?' Eric McCormack has no idea who it actually is.
Is that a painting of 'a brooding Will?' Eric McCormack has no idea who it actually is. TODAY

"Yeah, it was the brooding Will,'' McCormack joked. "No, we have no idea. But it became so iconic people would write in about that (like) 'Where can we get it?' We should've put it on T-shirts."

The two noted that there used to be a bigger mirror on the set, where the comically vain Jack would often spend plenty of time.

Sean Hayes revealed a secret about Jack's favorite mirror.
Sean Hayes revealed a secret about Jack's favorite mirror. TODAY

"Now, a little secret: This mirror comes off and this panel behind it comes down,'' Hayes said. "Do you see the little cutout for a camera to fit in there in case somebody's sitting on the couch?"

"That's exactly right,'' McCormack said. "It's the cheat - the porthole cheat."

The iconic kitchen has some new counters, but it still feels just like home for McCormack.

McCormack calls Will's iconic kitchen his 'safe space.'
McCormack calls Will's iconic kitchen his 'safe space.' TODAY

"It still is my favorite place to be,'' he said. "I love being here, and I'm talking to Grace, and Jack walks in the door, and I make a crack, and I'm doing dishes or something.

"This just feels like Captain Picard's chair on 'Star Trek.' I I love the feeling of being up in this kitchen."

The kitchen was the site of many emotional and hilarious scenes over the years in the show's initial run.

"It feels incredibly safe,'' McCormack said. "Because it's like, a snowball fight. I can lob any joke over here and I'm safe. This is my safe space."

Some of the items on the set are so new that they haven't even had the price tags ripped off yet.

"We haven't paid for everything,'' McCormack laughed. "So we're gonna sit in it all season, and then it's going back."

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