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5 things from Goodwill that may be worth big bucks

Your thrift store finds could be more valuable than you think.
/ Source: TODAY

Earlier this summer, we told you about how vintage Pyrex may be worth big bucks. Perhaps you checked your cupboards or stayed on the lookout for these colorful pieces while perusing your local thrift store.

But these aren’t the only blasts from the past you should be keeping your eye out for. There are plenty of other items people donate that can turn out to be diamonds in the rough.

Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center
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Good Housekeeping recently highlighted some of the most valuable pieces you may find at thrift stores and donation centers like Goodwill. Here are five items that can earn you major cash if you spot them:

1. Vintage canning jars

Four Antique Canning Jars
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Any Pinterest wedding planner will tell you these things come in handy, but did you also know that some of the older ones can be worth a lot? Antique Ball jars are especially valuable — one produced from 1900 to 1910 could earn you $1,000!

2. Jadeite

Spot some mint-colored dishware on the shelf? Check the bottom for McKee, Jeannette or Fire King logos and if you see any of those, buy it immediately. That’s because a single butter dish could be worth more than $100.

3. First edition books

South Bank Second Hand Book Market.
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Not only are old books gorgeous to display in your home, but they can also be very valuable. Look out for first run and/or signed copies to cash in on literary gold. Head to and enter the title to see how much it could be worth.

4. Elaborate frames

Empty gold ornate picture frame with white background
Gold plated wooden picture frame. Other images in:Getty Images stock

Just because it’s holding an ugly painting, don’t dismiss an ornate or antique-looking frame you spot in the store. It could go for a lot of money online, according to MoneyPantry. But it’s also worth it to research the artist, too. You never know when a piece of artwork will surprise you with its value.

5. Vintage globes

An old brown vintage globe on a small stand
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These desk toppers not only add a pretty touch in a home office. An inexpensive one you find at a thrift store could resell for much more than you paid for it. Just check out eBay to see even everyday finds going for more than you'll pay at a place like Goodwill. It's an added bonus if the globe is an outdated model that includes bygone countries.

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