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Take your sofa cushions from frumpy to firm with this 3-step trick

/ Source: TODAY

Are the cushions on your sofa looking a little drab?

Spending money on a new sofa can cost hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars. But if all your sofa needs is a little more life in those cushions, interior designer and TODAY Tastemaker Francesco Bilotto has a fast and frugal solution to take your sofa from frumpy to firm.

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What you'll need:

  • 1 bed pillow per cushion. (A standard or queen-size pillow often works best.)

What to do:

1. Take the back cushions off sofa and unzip upholstery cover.

Francesco Bilotto

2. Add one bed pillow on top of the original cushion, keeping the original sofa foam and batting in place.

Francesco Bilotto

3. Zip up the upholstery cover over the cushion/pillow and enjoy the longing-lasting results!

Francesco Bilotto

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Side note: For sofas that are sewn closed and don't have zippers, you can still do this. Carefully open the stitching, follow the same steps above and re-sew the seams closed again with matching upholstery string.