Nick Jonas rents from landlord Ellen DeGeneres: 'I'm so nervous'

/ Source: TODAY

Nick Jonas is one busy entertainer. He currently stars on two television shows and also is on tour promoting his latest album.

Yet, he's never too busy to pay the rent on time — which is good when you decide to appear on the popular talk show hosted by your landlord.

Ellen DeGeneres revealed on Thursday that she rents out one of her many homes to Jonas, whom she described as "a good tenant."

That came as a relief to Jonas, who made sure DeGeneres knows how careful he is with her furniture.

"Everyone that comes into my house uses a coaster so there's no rings on the tables, which is good," he said.

But he admitted he still gets anxious inside the home.

"I'm so nervous though the whole time I'm there, because I know I'm going to come on the show and see you and you’re going check in, and if anything's wrong with the house, it's bad," he said.

DeGeneres didn’t seem worried.

“Well, I got a healthy deposit.”

Just in case, DeGeneres gave Jonas a set of “Ellen” coasters and some plastic-wrapped couches to take home with him.