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Self-watering pot? 7 IKEA items that may be worth the haul

From a multi-functional side table to a self-watering plant pot, see the most genius items from IKEA's PS 2017 collection.
/ Source: TODAY

IKEA’s newest collection PS 2017 is launching in February, and we’ve got a sneak peek at the genius products created by some of the 17 designers from around the world. Perfect for those with small spaces, the collection features plenty of multi-functional pieces and brilliant designs.

Below, see everything from a loveseat you can take out of the closet when guests arrive to a sleek self-watering pot that will keep your unattended plants alive for two weeks:

1. Foldable Loveseat, $149

Foldable loveseat
Foldable LoveseatIKEA

Chairs that can be folded up and stored when guests aren’t around can be super convenient, although they don’t necessary feel like pieces of furniture. This loveseat uses the same idea as the chairs, but it offers a cozier vibe.

2. Side Table Stool, $49.99

Side Table Stool
Side Table StoolIKEA

Multi-functional pieces are great for small spaces, and here’s a smart one that can act as both a stool and side table. According to a press release, designer Jon Karlsson said he got the idea of pressing two trays together to form a table after visiting a tray factory.

3. Storage Unit, $99

Storage Unit
Storage UnitIKEA

One of the drawbacks of larger IKEA products is having to put it together yourself, but Karlsson said he was inspired to create this storage unit that transforms from a flat package within minutes — and the kicker? No tools, screws or fittings required.

4. Valet Stand, $24.99

Valet Stand
Valet StandIKEA

If you’re not a morning person, the last thing you probably want to do is pick out your clothes for the day before the sun is even up. That’s where this stand comes in. Hang all your clothes and accessories the night before for a stress-free morning. There’s also a dish to hold your phone and wallet.

5. 3D-Knitted Armchair, $199

3D Knitted Armchair
3D Knitted ArmchairPer Liedberg/ IKEA

3D knitting is usually how colorful sneakers are made, but designer Sarah Fager got the brilliant idea to make a chair out of it. This armchair can endure many years of wear without its shape being distorted, just like "a nice pair of sneakers,” she said.

6. Table and Floor Lamps, $39.99/ $89.99

Table and Floor Lamps
Table and Floor LampsIKEA

Inspired by old military searchlights, these lamps are designed to blend into the room. “My main focus was to find a flow of light that could light up without blinding people,” said designer Ola Wihlborg.

7. Self-Watering Plant Pot Set, $24.99

Self-Watering Plant Pot Set
Self-Watering Plant Pot SetIKEA

Don’t have a green thumb? This three-piece pot set could be the answer to keeping your plants alive. Besides being helpful, it’s also aesthetically pleasing too.

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