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How to organize a messy freezer: Use office supplies!

Every square inch of the freezer can be precious real estate, so organization is key! Try these tips to make it easier to manage.
/ Source: TODAY

The freezer is essentially a wasteland of things you've forgotten exist. Between half-empty ice cream cartons and the frozen leftovers you planned on eating but never did, it can become a mess pretty quickly.

Since every square inch of the fridge's smaller sibling is precious real estate, organization is essential! We've got a few tips to make it easier to manage. Check out the video here and follow the steps below to achieve frozen food nirvana.

1. Use desktop organizers to keep bagged items neatly stored. This works great for things like frozen fruits and vegetables that wouldn't be easily visible if stacked on top of one another. For smaller items, you can use a letter holder.

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2. Ditch the boxes. Save tons of space by storing individually packaged items on their own and recycle the cardboard boxes you don't need.

3. Use gallon or quart-sized freezer bags and freeze room-temperature items lying flat to essentially create a frozen sheet. Once the items have frozen through, organize them in a magazine holder to keep them neat and tidy.

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