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'Dream Home Makeover' star Shea McGee gives home tour (and tips!) on TODAY

Shea McGee shared one tip that we are very, very excited about.

Shea McGee and her husband, Syd, are the stars of the new Netflix show “Dream Home Makeover” and authors of their new book “Make Life Beautiful,” which means they have a bit of authority when it comes to designing homes.

Shea McGee standing in her kitchen during a home tour on TODAY.TODAY

Both are behind the Utah-based design firm Studio McGee and the shop McGee & Co., and Shea was gracious enough to give Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager a tour of her own home Tuesday morning on TODAY as she dished design tips anyone can implement.

Shea McGee's living room during a home tour on TODAY.TODAY

Among the tips she shared were to mix hardware in your kitchen ("It gives a designer look.") and to reduce clutter by using trays and bowls to hold items ("I like to corral things."), but there was one suggestion we were the most excited to get behind: Leave your bed (a little) messy.

“What speaks to me is when something feels like you can just jump right into it,” Shea shared as she showed off her own bedroom.

The McGees' bedroom during a home tour on TODAY.TODAY

Here’s how to give your own bed a look that's not too messy but not too perfect:

  1. Pull tight at first. “Get the sheets as tight as you can,” Shea said. That we can do.

  2. Leave the rest of the layers a little imperfect. “I fluff a little bit,” she said, “but then I make it a little messy and a little imperfect so it doesn’t feel so perfect that you don’t want to touch your bed.”

Shea shared even more tips during her time on TODAY, so check out the full segment for more!