Open another bottle of wine! 10 DIY home projects using corks

Do you have a drawer filled with cork stoppers that you have collected over the years? Finally put them to good use with one — or all — of these DIY projects using the wooden beauties. Whether it's a bath mat, a piece of art or a homemade wreath, wine corks can make a rustic addition to a home when used in the right way, and these 10 DIY projects will show you how to do just that. 

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    DIY wine cork projects

    Finally put those corks you have collected through the years with one of these beautiful DIY home projects.

  • DIY wine cork projects


    10 DIY wine cork projects for your home

    A good bottle of wine — and it's cork — should never go to waste. Here's what to do with those leftover corks you've been collecting over the years.

    Glamorous but unfussy, rustic but romantic and insanely easy to make? It’s official: We’re swooning over this nifty candle and wine cork combo.

    Find out how to create the look at Two Twenty One.

    Two Twenty One / Two Twenty One
  • DIY wine cork projects


    Ombre wall art

    Wine corks, hearts and ombré colors make up these sweet DIY. This was one obviously made for a wedding, but you could easily customize it for your home.

    Find the DIY instructions at Green Wedding Shoes.

    Green Wedding Shoes / Green Wedding Shoes
  • DIY wine cork projects


    Mini planters

    Succulents are the a major trend this year in home decor, and this DIY lets the plants liven up your fridge and other walls in your home.

    Get the how-to at Upcycle That.

    Upcycle That / Upcycle That
  • DIY wine cork projects


    Decorative letter

    This glorious letter wall art requires a lot of corks and an afternoon to whip up. One tip: Hit up your local wine bar or wine store if your cork collection is lacking.

    Find the DIY instructions at Good Better Nest.

    Good Better Nest / Good Better Nest
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    Canape knife

    These pint-sized, cork-topped knives make digging into a cheese ball that much more enjoyable, which is saying a lot.

    Learn how to make them at Yarni Gras!.

    Yarni Gras! / Yarni Gras!
  • DIY wine cork projects


    Bath mat

    This DIY requires only three things: hot glue, a shelf liner and a ton of wine corks. Challenge accepted.

    Find out how to make your own at Simply Designing.

    Crafty Nest / Crafty Nest
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    Cork celebration

    The beauty of a wine cork wreath is that it’s easy to put together, looks good as new for a zillion years (practically), and requires zero upkeep, making it the easiest decor you will have to deal with.

    Get the how-to for this wreath at Design Improvised.

    Design Improvised / Design Improvised
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    Tile placemat

    Finally, a placemat that can handle a party foul or two. Cushy cork gives cheese plates and pretty stemware a safe place to perch while you’re busy mingling.

    Find the DIY instructions at Creme de la Craft.

    Crème de la Craft / Crème de la Craft
  • DIY wine cork projects


    Drawer knobs

    Add a little dimension to your basic nightstand or dresser by adding corks as drawer knobs.

    Learn how to at Dollar Store Crafts.

    Dollar Store Crafts / Dollar Store Crafts
  • DIY wine cork projects


    Bulletin board

    Whip out some craft pant and fill in a frame with colored corks to create this beautiful piece.

    Find out how to make it at Simply Designing.

    Simply Designing / Simply Designing

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