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How many throw pillows is too many? Hoda and Jenna weigh in

Can you ever really have too many throw pillows? Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager have mixed opinions on the matter.

After watching a "Saturday Night Live" skit about HomeGoods, the fourth hour co-hosts got on the subject of throw pillows and agreed that most of us have more of them than we know what to do with.

"Henry said something to me about it the other night," Jenna admitted.

"Because you know what?" Hoda said. "They're not comfortable."

Jenna explained that she loves to arrange several throw pillows throughout the room for an added touch of décor, but her husband doesn't exactly love them.

"Henry said 'Oh, just another pillow to move out of the way,'" she said.

Hoda couldn't help but agree with Henry to a certain degree. "When you sit down, we have so many you cant get comfy. You're always dumping them," she said.

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Jenna argued that throw pillows help dress up a room and said they "look pretty," but Hoda had a more practical take on the mater.

"They do look pretty ... when no one's sitting," she said.

Despite her love for throw pillows, Jenna admitted that she doesn't like to keep more than three or four out at a time, and Hoda said her family does have "a ton."

"There's no couch. It's like throw pillows everywhere," she said.

After watching the co-hosts chat, we couldn't help but remember a hilarious scene from the 2004 film "Along Came Polly" where Jennifer Aniston's character questions why Ben Stiller has so many throw pillows on his bed if he doesn't sleep on them.

This scene from "Along Came Polly" is hilarious and we can totally relate to it.  so true.
This scene from "Along Came Polly" is hilarious and we can totally relate to it. so true.NBCUniversal

Stiller explains that his former wife loved them, but Aniston proceeds to cut into one of the pillows with a big knife, much to his initial dismay. Soon enough, he joins in and says, “What is the point of these things really? They’re stupid.”

So, how many throw pillows is too much?

Wondering if you’ve veered into the territory of pillow overload? TODAY reached out to HomeGoods Style Expert & Interior Stylist, Jenny Reimold to get some tips for designing your space.

  • Numbers matter: "For any room, my number one rule is to use an odd number of pillows within a cohesive color palate," she said. "I like to pick three or so colors and then find throw pillows in various sizes, shapes, patterns and textures."
  • Don't be afraid of color: "In living rooms with a white or neutral couch, I suggest going bold with a variety of colors — 2022 is all about earthy tones so try opting for earthy hues like sage green," Reimold revealed.

Bedrooms have their own set of rules: "For bedrooms, I use four sleeping pillows with a statement lumbar pillow at the front. It’s a foolproof, easy to maintain way to make your bedroom feel just like a luxurious hotel!" Reimold said. "For twin beds, I’d recommend a total of no more than five pillows and no less than three. For king beds, I’d recommend no more than nine or ten, as it gets a bit overwhelming."