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'Warrior' baby brings Dwayne Johnson to tears — see the sweet story

Dwayne Johnson is "The Rock" — so that means he's not supposed to cry, right?
/ Source: TODAY

Dwayne Johnson is "The Rock" — so that means he's not supposed to cry, right?

Not necessarily ... as the actor, who's on location shooting the next "Baywatch" film, recently met an inspiring family with a touching backstory — a story so sweet, in fact, that he may have shed a few tears.

"Shooting on location always draws a crowd and I got word that a mom asked if I would meet her daughter who's celebrating a very special birthday," the star wrote beside a photo he shared on Instagram.

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He continued, "Was so happy to have met lil' Sally Walker Collins, who just turned 1. When she was 5months old she had open heart surgery and has been an inspiring lil' fighter since that day."

Johnson went on to quote the birthday girl's mother, who said that if her daughter could fight and win, then "we can do anything."

But the post, which has already received nearly 550,000 likes, took an unexpected turn when the star shared another sweet detail. "...If by remote chance I got teary eyed too when she was talking about her daughter's struggle — it's a good thing I had my shades on so no one would see," he wrote. "But of course I never cry 'cause I'm too tough for that stuff. I'm just sayin' if I did, I was prepared."

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Johnson ended with kind words of encouragement for the 1-year-old: "Stay strong lil' Sally — you're a heart warrior and you have many many more birthdays to enjoy. And remember Uncle DJ is the coolest."