This tattoo artist adds an 'emotional finishing touch' to breast reconstruction

/ Source: TODAY

Once internationally renowned for his tattoo artistry, Vinnie Myers is now a legend in breast cancer circles for what has become his exclusive specialty: inking areolas and nipples so realistic they seem like the genuine articles. Myers, 53, says surgeons have long overlooked the significance of this “incredible emotional finishing touch” of breast reconstruction for women.

In a powerful two-part video series,’s Samantha Michiko Okazaki and Carissa Ray crafted a sincere and intimate portrait of the work Myers and his team do to help breast cancer survivors heal emotionally as well as physically, aided by writer Eun Kyung Kim, award-winning multimedia producer Darren Durlach, production studio Early Light Media and – most important – the strong and luminous women who unselfishly and unflinchingly shared their stories.