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Savannah shows off new flexibility after completing a 30-day yoga challenge

"I'm so proud of us all because we did it!" the TODAY anchor said.
/ Source: TODAY

What a difference a month makes!

Savannah Guthrie and her TODAY colleagues just completed a 30-day yoga challenge, and she's feeling like a true "nama-star."

"I’m so proud of us all because we did it! We encouraged each other, checked in with each other, sent thousands of yoga emojis to each other — and I think we are all walking a little taller, a little straighter, a little prouder," Savannah wrote on Instagram Sunday.

The idea for the challenge started Jan. 30 when Savannah posted a photo of herself doing a backbend, aka a Wheel Pose in yoga terminology.

"Things I could do before kids," she captioned the post. One month later, she proudly demonstrated that she can do the pose again.

On Feb. 1, she accepted a 30-day yoga challenge with her TODAY "darling ones," who all promised to encourage and motivate each other to keep their individual practices up, even with their incredibly busy schedules.

"We promised ourselves and each other that we would do yoga every single day, rain or shine, tired or dragging, at home or on the road, happy or sad," said Savannah.

Finding a set class time that works can be difficult when you're on the road or keep unusual hours, so Savannah and her friends followed a free, at-home yoga challenge led by Adriene Mishler on YouTube.

Throughout the month of February, Savannah documented her progress on Instagram.

On day eight, she rocked a warrior pose by the pool, which looked like the perfect serene setting for doing yoga.

Savannah didn't let her busy schedule deter her from working out and she even showed off a tree pose on day 10 when she was hard at work on the campaign trail.

Savannah said her kids, daughter Vale and son Charley, decided to get in on the action. She shared an adorable photo of Vale doing a downward dog over Charley, who appeared to be enjoying his own version of a resting pose.

At the end of her challenge, Savannah said she was feeling "Lotsa love in, lotsa love out," and is now ready to take on another challenge with the TODAY team.

NBC's Harry Smith also started the new year with his own yoga challenge and, as of Sunday, was on day 58 of his journey.

During Sunday TODAY, Harry demonstrated how his Tree Pose has improved since early January. When he started, his foot could only rest on his calf, but now he's flexible enough to put his foot on his inner thigh.

"Namaste, y'all!" he said.