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The 1 exercise to tone your arms

When push ups just aren't cutting it anymore.
/ Source: TODAY

Everyone wants Michelle Obama's arms, but they won't just magically appear on your body. You have to put in the work! And if you're already fit, your body can get used to doing typical arm exercises like pull-ups and dips.

What you need is a new challenge: Meet the push-up and arm lift combo. This exercise will work your arms, shoulders and core. You can do it anywhere, no weights or machines required.

1 Exercise For Toned Arms

July 15, 201600:44

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Here's how to do it:

As you come up from the push-up, lift your left arm and engage your core throughout. Lower your arm and repeat the push-up, but then lift your right arm. Continue this movement, switching arm lifts with every push-up. Your body will need to support your weight for a brief second, which will require your core to stay tight and strong.

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This is a great exercise to add to a cardio workout routine, or work into a strength-training circuit. See how many repetitions you can do in a minute and keep challenging yourself to beat your old record.

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