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Tell us! How do you feel about the power of first impressions in work and love?

Research shows we make snap judgments about strangers in less than a second, based solely on their face. how you can boost your chances of success?
/ Source: TODAY

You spend years perfecting your education and gaining work experience, only to be sized up in a glance.

It’s more complicated than that, of course, but experts say you make a powerful impression on the people you meet before you even say a word. What you can do to put your best self forward?

Next week, TODAY is taking a closer look at the science of first impressions, revealing how they work, what attributes people really notice and how you can boost your chances of success.

We’ll take a look at the secrets of nailing a job interview, and winning over new bosses, colleagues and connections. We’ll dive into surprising research on how impress others in any professional context, and how to make yourself stand out and succeed in today’s competitive environment.

When it comes to dating, much has been made about love at first sight. But modern love means going online and using dating apps. Does that mean you actually get to make two first impressions — one online and one in real life? We’ll talk to young people hoping to meet someone special in three minutes or less.

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