Fashion guru Gok Wan shows women how to love their bodies — naked

Would you ever take off nearly all your clothes and let the whole world watch? Gok Wan, style and image guru of the British TV show, "How to Look Good Naked," says we should all give it a shot. 

"When you stand on your own in front of a mirror completely naked, if you can accept that reflection, you are in such a more affluent place, to feel so much better about your life," says Gok, who joined TODAY as part of the upcoming series "Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty."

"It's my mission, I've made it my mission to try and help every woman in the world feel better about herself and her body ... and correct all of her wardrobe woes," Gok told TODAY.  

In the world according to Gok, it's a multi-step process: Looking, learning and loving by embracing the body you've got, imperfections and all. 

Survey: Do you love or loathe what you see in the mirror? 

"You can give anybody a handbag, or a new belt or a fabulous dress or a new pair of trousers, but it's not about that," says Gok. "It's about understanding the body that holds those clothes." 

Gok believes you don't have to love your body, but should learn to accept the parts you don't feel comfortable with. Women's bodies change constantly — and so "having a relationship with that and understanding what you look like in the mirror and accepting that, will put you in a much better place to accept who you are as a person," he says.

Gok is back on TODAY on May 2, as part of "Love Your Selfie, Reclaiming Beauty," helping a group of women of all shapes and sizes transform how they feel about their bodies. 

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