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Baggy clothes banished! See the results of Joy's Bauer's abs-blasting challenge

From January to June, TODAY watched as the pounds seemed to melt away from three of our viewers as part of the "6 Months to a 6-Pack Challenge" with nutritionist Joy Bauer and fitness trainer Jeff Halevy. 

Kelli Dinola

Kelli Dinola before and after

Before joining the 6-pack challenge, Kelli had tried every diet under the sun. Needless to say she had a lot of reservations and was not entirely optimistic that she would be a success. 

Plus, Kelli is a private person and the thought of national television was way out of her comfort zone and somewhat terrifying. With health as her major motivator, Kelli has certainly conquered. She made a conscious effort to eat healthy and exercise regularly, no matter what the circumstance. 

She found ways to still enjoy her love of cooking and eating with family and friends, while keeping her eye on the prize. She even started making her own vegetable hummus. After lots of hard work, and trying almost every workout class at her gym, Kelli has noticed a positive change in her attitude and a dramatic downward trend on the scale. She has lost a whopping 42 pounds and went from wearing a size 12 to a size 6. 

Yum! Make Kelli's shredded salsa chicken!

She fits into clothing she has not worn in 8 years, and she looks fantastic! After six months, I’m beyond thrilled that Kelli is finally more confident and comfortable in her own skin, and no longer feels the need to hide under layers of baggy clothing. Kelli now possesses the skills, knowledge and motivation to make healthy choices stick. I could not be more proud of her!

Kelli Dinola

Tamara Halsell

With her 40th birthday around the corner, Tamara decided that this was the perfect time in her life to lose the weight she had put on in her thirties. 

Tamara Halsell before and after

While she was hesitant at first to go on National Television baring her stomach, Tamara has had an amazing transformation and experience. She’s learned to make smart choices every day- whether she’s ordering a side salad in place of French fries, or walking home instead of taking the bus. In the past, cookies and brownies were staples in Tamara’s diet..... But now, Greek yogurt and berries have become regular mainstays. 

Yum! Try and make Tamara's 16-bean soup

She still indulges every once in a while, but is much more selective and always watches her portions. In addition to eating filling and nutrient dense foods like beans and avocado, Tamara works out at least four times per week, either spinning, going to the gym, or doing a workout video at home. 

Now six months later, Tamara is a new woman with a healthy lifestyle. She has even taught her friends and fellow church members a few of her weight loss tricks, like starting the day with a bowl of oatmeal and fruit instead of buttery biscuits and fatty sausage. 

Today Tamara is 30 pounds thinner and down from a size 12/14 to a size 8! She looks terrific and I’m so proud of her hard work and dedication. Now that Tamara feels her best, she is ready to start dating again to find that special someone; whoever finds her will be incredibly lucky!

Tamara Halsell's six-month journey

Ralph Oswald
Before starting this challenge, 63-year old Ralph was always tired and felt like his energy was dragging. 

Ralph Oswald before and after

Now 6 months later, Ralph not only looks fabulous, but his health and quality of life have significantly improved. Ralph went from feeling shortness of breath with minimal exercise, to now being able to energetically walk, talk, and jump around the classroom while teaching three-hour long lectures. As a paramedic, Ralph can now respond more quickly to his patients because he is physically stronger and more comfortable getting through tough situations with less stress. 

Before this challenge, he used to take medications for his blood pressure, cholesterol, and acid reflux; now, he takes NONE. With his wife as a major motivator by his side, Ralph lost 31 pounds, six pants sizes and also signed up for a 5k race. I’m incredibly proud of him for working so hard and maintaining a positive attitude throughout this entire challenge! 

Craving something sweet? Make Ralph's strawberry dessert

By eating proper foods and exercising regularly, Ralph managed to lose weight, lower his cholesterol and blood pressure, and gain an entire new outlook on life. (Plus, he can proudly take off his shirt and flex with his 6 sons!) 

Ralph Oswald's six-month journey

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