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We will never look at KFC's logo the same again, thanks to viral tweet

If you've never noticed it before, you will now. And you won't be able to unsee it.
KFC Menu Items and Restaurant
Can you see it?Moses Robinson / Getty Images for KFC
/ Source: TODAY

This probably isn't what people mean when they talk about "chicken legs."

On Tuesday, Freddie Campion, content director at Headspace, reignited an old meme about KFC’s Colonel Sanders in a tweet where he wrote that his wife was convinced his bow tie was actually a tiny stick figure underneath a large head.

“My wife just confessed that for her entire childhood she thought Colonel Sanders’ bow tie was his whole body and now I can’t stop seeing a tiny stick body every time I look at him,” he tweeted with a pair of images of the famous pitchman.

The idea of the bow tie actually being a stick figure has made the rounds on the internet before, but the tweet has still generated an extra-large-bucket–sized response, garnering over 300,000 likes and prompting people to share some hidden images they see in other logos.

"Well I thought the arbys logo was a fish jumping out of water until I was like 17," someone tweeted alongside a GIF of the fast-food franchise.

"And Jack in the B-fish," someone wrote alongside an image of Jack in the Box, where the "o" and "x" look like they combine to make a fish.

"She’s a genius. Can you ask her to interpret the Starbucks lady. Does she have legs with little crab feet that she’s trying to lift above her head? I don’t get what’s going on here," another person pointed out about the Starbucks logo.

"Yuup... now the rest of us see it too! How about the mom in the Wendy’s logo... gotcha!" one person pointed out, sharing the image of Wendy's with "mom" written on her collar.

"Thanks for that. Returning the favor... You can't unsee the arrow?" someone shared, posting the FedEx logo, that, referring to the arrow between the "E" and the "x."

"Just wait until you realize that Cap't Crunch's eyebrows are on his hat," another person wrote about the cereal mascot.

Some things we'll just never be able to unsee.