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Walmart took this woman’s cake order way too literally and the result is hilarious

“There was a lot more writing than we were expecting,” Peyton Chimack tells
/ Source: TODAY

A woman’s birthday cake order was taken in a hilariously literal way.

On April 8, Peyton Chimack (@peychimack) posted a pair of images on TikTok showing off a cake she tells was ordered from a Chicago-area Walmart bakery. What was inside the box has to be seen to be believed.

Chimack’s first picture in the carousel shows her inspiration: an iced, white, round cake with black cursive lettering and black ribbons.

The TikToker writes in an on-screen caption that she asked “for the writing to be small, cursive, and in the middle of the cake…” Set to the popular sound of a man laughing while repeating “no,” the video primes viewers for the actual cake in the second slide.

“Walmart wtf is this???” reads the next on-screen caption. Chimack did get what she ordered, but very much did not get what she expected. Written cleanly on top of the cake were the words: “Aries baby (small, cursive, middle of cake).”

Folks clearly had a field day in the comments section with this very literal interpretation of the 22-year-old’s cake request: “WAIT THIS IS RICH,” “i’m crying,” “I’m just wondering if you went back cause….😭😭” and “Hilarious 10/10😂😂😂 I would be dying laughing.”

More commenters chimed in with, “i’d be FURIOUS 😭,” “i would actually treasure this forever,” and “The way I wheezed 😂😂.”

Other people shared cake fails they, too, have received, with one writing, “Same exact thing happened to my sister when she ordered me a cake from Safeway LMAO they put ‘27 in the middle.’” provided confirmation of Chimack's order to Walmart upon request, but the company didn’t respond with any further comment.

The cake fail in all its glory.
The cake fail in all its glory.Courtesy Peyton Chimack

Chimack offered a possible explanation to what may have happened.

“I actually saw how to order it on TikTok from another person,” she tells The birthday girl says one of her friends sent her a video tutorial by TikToker @itsliz_n for how to order the cake using Walmart’s online service.

“I followed her exact directions on how to order the cake and just put in the instructions,” Chimack says, clarifying that she did write the unwanted words in the “Message on cake” part of the form, just as guidance only. “The ordering part was super easy.”

Chimack says when her order was ready, she picked up the cake — along with some black ribbon for the final concept — with a friend. Only once they reached the car did they both see how the cake decorator interpreted her request at face value.

“We both looked at each other confused, because we saw that there was a lot more writing than we were expecting,” she says, adding that they burst out laughing once they realized what happened. They even started FaceTiming friends to show it off.

Before driving away, the duo went back inside and pointed out the mistake to a store employee — not the decorator, who Chimack says was on her lunch break by the time they returned.

“The butcher lady, her mouth dropped, like, ‘No way did she put the instructions on the cake.’ And she was laughing,” Chimack says.

“Then the cake decorator came back and she was kind of confused about what she did wrong,” she continues. “She didn’t realize she put the instructions on the page, she thought that’s how I wanted it.”

Peyton with her final, corrected cake.
Peyton with her final, corrected cake.Courtesy Peyton Chimack

Chimack says she never considered keeping the mistake — in all of its wordy glory — for the joke, but now kind of wishes she had.

“After I got it fixed, it was still a joke the whole night with my friends. So I was like, ‘You know what, I should have just kept it,’” she says. “But then I was like, ‘Well, I paid for it, I kind of wanted to say what I wanted.”

All wasn’t lost, however. In a follow-up video, Chimack shows the final result of her icing-filled debacle: a very cute cake, carefully re-frosted by the same baker.

Showing a bit of grace on her special day, Chimack captioned her video, “it still wasnt small or in cursive but she did the best she could🖤.”