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There’s a new viral ‘quad’ burrito hack that’s infuriating Chipotle workers

“The vast majority of consumer comments on the videos have indicated that people see this order as disrespectful to employees," Chipotle says.

Another day, another opportunity for social media users to test the patience of restaurant workers. And this time, it involves a four-tortilla burrito at Chipotle.

On March 10, Chipotle customer and TikTok user @dj5point0 posted a larger-than-life burrito order onto the social media platform. The clip, captioned “The worker is the real mvp in this video,” details the construction of a rather large burrito, the latest in a spat of viral videos of this nature.

“Why is my brother like this,” says the text-to-speech narration at the start of the video, which has been viewed over 2.5 million times. A Chipotle worker can be seen laughing nervously while trying to roll a massive amount of fixings into a pair of tortillas layered to make one enormous burrito.

“I don’t even think that’s possible,” says the person filming. They pan over to the titular brother, who looks excited at the literal heaping helping of food he’s about to receive. “He’s happy for it. You want to put it in a bowl?”

A second Chipotle worker then successfully rolls the gigantic helping of grub into its tortilla-based hub. “He got this giant burrito and said he was going to eat all of it,” continues the narration on the video.

The clip cuts to the brother gleefully taking bites of his burrito baby, ending the video with a happy ending — of sorts.

A few days later, on March 14, the same TikToker posted an update video that went even more viral, receiving over 19 nmillion views and over 11,000 comments, many amazed — or horrified — at the sheer volume of rice, beans and more that could fit inside a burrito.

“Is it gonna be OK if we double-wrap this?” asks the Chipotle worker in the video as the brother orders more helpings of rice in his burrito creation. 

He asks for double chicken, fajita veggies, sour cream, tomatoes, spicy sauce, corn, cheese and more, often asking for multiple helpings of each.

If you’re wondering if this fella really eats the whole thing, a third follow-up video proves just that. “He eats it all. No food left behind,” writes @dj5point0, showing video evidence that he does in fact consume the entire thing in one sitting, confirming our suspicions (and for some of us, our fears).

@dj5point0 did not immediately respond to’s request for comment, but when a commenter guessed that the mammoth burrito must have cost upwards of $30, the OP replied “It was $8.36 i think with the double protein coupon.”

This burrito enthusiast isn’t the only one to go viral for their massive Chipotle cravings. Another menu hacker, TikTok user @stalliontink went viral on Jan. 9, sharing his own regular order — which is even larger than the others.

“That’s it. Good luck,” @stalliontink says to a Chipotle worker amazed that he orders a burrito with four tortillas, which he refers to as a “quad” in the video, which has amassed 17.5 million views. “I’m eating it all here too.”

As the employee struggles to wrap the burrito, another Chipotle worker approaches the pile of food, disgussing the logistics of burrito-wrapping physics with their colleague.

Eventually, the second Chipotle employee takes over and skillfully manages to wrap all the ingredients into a burrito. “You did it,” the TikToker says. “Thanks!”

We reached out to @stalliontink, who confirms that this is in fact his regular order. In fact, he often posts about his takeout orders, including multiple videos of him eating his Chipotle hauls.

“When I’m not as hungry it’s a 4 wrap burrito, when I’m hungry it’s a 6 wrap,” @stalliontink tells via direct message.

The TikTok user, who asked to be referred to by his username, confirmed that his usual order is burrito with four tortillas, three scoops of white rice, three scoops of either chicken or steak, three of black beans, two of fajita veggies, corn and tomatillo-green chile salsa. He says this order usually costs about $15.

“They are a very nice and talented crew there,” he says of the Chipotle location in the Phoenix, Arizona area that he usually orders his meals from. Asked how often he gets this order, he says, “Maybe 2-3 times a week? If the lady allows me.”

While comments under all of these videos are mostly just amazed, some criticized the orders, with one commenting, “As a chipotle worker, we talk about you in the back,” and another writing, “Y’all be giving these chipotle workers hell.”

For its part, Chipotle says the “burrito as big as a quart of milk” trend may not be as widespread as TikTok might indicate.

“Fortunately, we are not seeing this as a trend inside our restaurants as only a handful of individuals have requested this order,” Laurie Schalow, Chipotle’s chief corporate affairs officer, tells

“The vast majority of consumer comments on the videos have indicated that people see this order as disrespectful to employees.”