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TGI Fridays brings the party home with alcohol and food delivery service

Sometimes you just want a cold beer and some wings. Now, you won't have to leave home to get either delivered right to your door.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes, at the end of a hard week all we want is a nice, cold beer and a fresh plate of wings ... but we don't always want to leave the house to get them.

TGI Fridays is targeting those of us who just want to kick back with some apps and alcohol by partnering with Lash, a Dallas-based food delivery startup, to bring selected food and drink items from their menu right to your door.

Courtesy TGI Fridays

The new service is similar to Seamless, but customers will also be able to tack on an order of their favorite alcoholic beverage like a case beer or a handle of tequila. To create an order, customers need to download the TGI Fridays delivery app and confirm they are over 21. The delivery person then picks up food from the restaurant and then makes a separate run to a nearby participating liquor store to fulfill the drink part of the order. Everything is delivered together in under an hour, or so the company says.

To enhance a restaurant-quality experience, customers can also buy a boxed package called "Everything But the Booze," which holds a pouch of Fridays signature mixers, garnishes, two holiday-themed glasses and a shaker to recreate a specific cocktails only served in the eatery.

TGI Fridays says it plans to expand the delivery app offering to include an in-home bartending service, too, where customers would be able to choose a local bartender to come to your home and prepare party drinks.

Fridays will be testing the food and alcohol delivery service in the Dallas and Houston metropolitan areas beginning this November, but hopes to expand nationwide in 2018. To-go and delivery sales are a strong point for the brand, which has seen takeout sales grow by 30 percent since launching online ordering last summer.

“Fridays has brought the Lash technology together with its own, making it the first restaurant where customers can order both food and beer/alcohol in one seamless process within the Fridays-branded digital experience,” Caroline Masullo, TGI Fridays Vice President of Digital Strategy & E-Commerce, told TODAY Food. She added that since Fridays is known for its signature drinks, creating an alcohol delivery component is an important extension for the brand to allow customers to recreate the full restaurant experience at home.

TGI Fridays is also using social media to expand its business among younger clientele. Earlier this year, the chain accepted orders via Twitter on Super Bowl Sunday. Tweeters scored an appetizer for just a penny by tweeting a football emoji at @TGIFridays.

And this summer, the chain started to accept payment via Amazon Pay Places for pay-ahead pickup food orders. Would-be customers can also communicate directly with TGI Fridays customer service reps via Facebook Messenger to get their most pressing food questions answered or even make restaurant reservations.