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Taco Bell has 3 crazy new foods — that we can't wait to try

Soon, you may be able to get your hands on a breakfast taco — that uses a fried egg as its shell — and more wacky foods at Taco Bell.
/ Source: TODAY

Taco Bell's R&D team must be working overtime — the chain just announced a few new wacky creations in the works.

One — the Loaded Taco Burrito — is already available nationwide, while the others — including a breakfast taco with a shell made of a fried egg — are being tested out at select locations, a company spokesperson told TODAY Food. Here's what to look for:

Is it a taco or burrito? No one can be sure, but the Loaded Taco Burrito is available at Taco Bells nationwide.Taco Bell

Loaded Taco Burrito

First, that Loaded Taco Burrito — which is basically an existential question in food form: Is it a taco or burrito? Well, that's hard to say exactly, but it looks like a burrito on the outside with a soft flour tortilla exterior, but holds taco fillings on the inside: beef, lettuce, tomatoes, crispy red tortilla strips, sour cream and avocado ranch. It is $1.49, and available nationwide now.

Live near Columbus, Ohio? Then you'll be able to try this Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza from Taco Bell, in testing now.Taco Bell

Mexican Crispy Chicken Pizza

The chain's original Mexican Pizza, taco-pizza hybrid, is getting a tweak, in testing now in Columbus, Ohio. The tortilla shell/"crust" comes topped with nacho cheese sauce, fried chicken, "Mexican pizza sauce," cheese and pico de gallo. For those keeping score at home, yes, that's like three dishes in one.

Why yes, that is a fried egg-shell on the outside of this Naked Breakfast Taco, in testing at Taco Bells in Flint, Mich.Taco Bell

Naked Breakfast Taco

On the heels of its Naked Chicken Chalupa — which is wrapped in a fried chicken "taco" — Taco Bell plays with the concept of the taco shell once again with its Naked Breakfast Tacos. This time a fried egg stands in for the crispy shell, and the inside is stuffed with potato bites, sausage crumbles or bacon, nacho cheese and shredded cheddar. Here's the sad news: The item is still in testing, but residents of Flint, Michigan will be able to find it starting April 18. The rest of us will have to wait and see if it hits the big time.

On top of all the other wacky introductions, the chain is also testing out a $3 Breakfast Meal Deal in Kansas City, which includes a Grilled Breakfast Burrito, hash brown, Cinnabon Delights and the new vanilla iced coffee for $3.

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Whether or not we'll all get to try the in-testing creations remains to be seen. Last summer, the chain tested Cheetos Burritos and Walking Nachos, which we're still awaiting, though an insider hinted to TODAY that they may very well come back — fingers crossed.