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Someone took a Thanksgiving pie from unlocked Honey Baked Ham, left money and apology note

“Happy Thanksgiving! No one was here and we were in desperate need of pies. Left money, took pies. Thanks!”
/ Source: TODAY

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time and if you burn the pumpkin pie, well, you’ve just about ruined the holiday!

But someone in a suburb just west of St. Louis took a different approach to making sure their Thanksgiving guests got pie last Thursday: theft.

The Ballwin Police Department took to Facebook to explain someone had gone into an unlocked Honey Baked Ham shop and helped themselves to the pie.

"Apparently somebody was in 'desperate need' for pies on Thanksgiving, and completed an after hours transaction, exchanging cash for pies," police posted online.

The pie bandits left a note and money on the register.

The hungry trespassers left a note and some cash to cover the cost of their pies.Ballwin Police Department

“Happy Thanksgiving! No one was here and we were in desperate need of pies,” the note reads. “Left money, took pies. Thanks!”

Officer Scott Stephens said the door was left unlocked by accident, so the hungry trespassers weren’t breaking and entering.

“While not ideal in anybody’s perspective, how it went down, but (the store) didn’t want to take it any further,” he said. “They were satisfied with the transaction."

Stephens said he’s never quite seen anything like this before, but he wasn’t entirely surprised.

“That’s the one thing about law enforcement,” he laughed. “You see something new every day.”

TODAY reached out to Honey Baked Ham for comment, but did not immediately hear back.