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‘The Office’ stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey return to Chili’s in new ad

Chili's has softened its stance toward Pam following her erratic behavior during the Dundies nearly two decades ago.
/ Source: TODAY

Pam Beesly has returned to the site of one of her most infamous moments.

Jenna Fischer and “The Office” co-star Angela Kinsey appear in a new ad for Chili’s, in which they debate what kind of margarita — or “marg,” as they call it — they’re drinking, trying to decide whether it’s a birthday marg, a weekend marg or a lazy marg.

“It all starts with a marg” at Chili’s, we’re reminded in a voice-over at the beginning and end of the commercial.

Fans of “The Office” don’t need to be reminded about the show’s connection with Chili’s. In the second-season premiere in 2005, inept boss Michael Scott (Steve Carell) dragged employees from Dunder Mifflin to the Dundies, an awards show honoring his underlings that takes place at Chili’s.

In the episode, Pam, played by Fischer, got drunk (yes, she had a few margs) and won the whitest sneakers award.

“I feel God in this Chili’s tonight,” she infamously said in her acceptance speech.

A jubilant Pam, who was still engaged to Roy at this point of the show, then hugged and kissed Jim on the lips. She later fell off a stool and the Chili's manager told the camera crew that she has been banned from the entire chain after the restaurant learned she had been stealing drinks from tables.

In 2017, Fischer posted a selfie outside of a Chili’s.

"Should I try to go in?" she wrote, alluding to the episode in question.

The next day, the restaurant ended its ban.

"BREAKING: Chili’s lifts permanent ban on Pam (@JennaFischer), welcomes her back to any #Chilis restaurant,” it tweeted.

Fischer says the episode continues to live on in infamy.

“Of course, my dad will never let me live this down,” she told People. “So now if we go to a Chili’s he’s like, ‘Uh-oh, are they going to let you in?’ and I’m like, ‘Good one, Dad.’”