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Is this the world's pickiest eater? Extra-long restaurant order goes viral

Perhaps the customer was barking mad. Or maybe just barking.
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/ Source: TODAY

A chef who reportedly works at a fancy restaurant in New York City recently prepared a meal that might just take the cake for pickiest order ever.

On Monday, Anna Silman, senior culture writer at New York Magazine's The Cut, posted a photo of an order for one beef burger her friend (who happens to be a chef) allegedly received in his kitchen. While a burger may sound simple enough, the changes made to the original dish went way beyond the usual substitutions.

In the photo, the kitchen receipt shown said that this particular burger had to be medium-rare with "no cheese, no side salad, no salt, no oil, no seasoning, no pepper ... no toppings, no garnishes, no bacon, no pickles, no onion, no bread, no lettuce." So, basically, nothing.

In case that wasn't clear enough, the customer specified that the burger had to be "absolutely plain" and then further specified that they wanted "just the plain" patty.

Oh, and they also specified, "This is for a dog."

While an order so complicated may have received a lot moans and groans from cutthroat tweeters if it has been for a very picky person, people were actually very touched. Hey, it's hard not to be when a professional chef is more than willing to cater to the furriest member of a family.

Many individuals wrote heartfelt messages about spoiling their own pets, especially in circumstances when the cat or dog was sick or facing their final days.

Several people had fun putting words into the (presumably) picky dog's mouth.

Truly, who wouldn't want to know exactly what their pup is saying with those puppy dog eyes?

A few folks thought the order was a bit overboard for an animal, even a cherished pet.

Although Silman would not disclose the name of her chef friend or his restaurant, she did receive a request from one tweeter who asked if she could host her dog's birthday at said "extremely fancy" establishment.

Really, could anyone resist that furry face?!

So for all the folks out there who enjoy making some changes to their food orders, New York City is clearly the place to go. While certain upscale restaurant chefs kindly ask patrons to avoid making alterations to the items on the menu that have been artfully curated, others are apparently pretty open to it — especially if that dish is for a furry friend.