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Padma Lakshmi shares adorable throwback video with her food-loving baby

The celebrity chef is all smiles in a rare video with her daughter Krishna.
Padma Lakshmi's adorable throwback video of she and her daughter, Krishna
Padma Lakshmi/YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

If you're looking to scroll through some darling mommy-and-me photos, Padma Lakshmi's social media accounts are great places to start.

The cookbook author and "Top Chef" judge is quick to profess her love for her 9-year-old daughter, Krishna Lakshmi-Dell. Many of Lakshmi's photos showcase the duo taking trips, cooking up a storm in their stunning kitchen or just snuggling.

Lakshmi's most recent throwback video, however, is totally relatable for any parent or caregiver who has eaten with a baby on their lap.

"This is [Krishna's] third restaurant experience," Lakshmi says to the camera, before bringing a pair of chopsticks with a bite of what looks like seaweed salad to her own lips.

Krishna, meanwhile, watches the food travel from the plate to her mom's mouth like a wildly cute predator just waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

"Not yet, you can't have green, leafy vegetables. Soon," Lakshmi says to her daughter, while peppering her cheeks with kisses.

In the short video clip Lakshmi posted (which was filmed around 2010), baby Krishna doesn't snag a bite of the meal she coveted (she was also snug in a baby carrier) but, according to Lakshmi, her daughter was luckier another time.

"Baby Krishna! This was in Singapore filming the Top Chef finale around the time she snuck a sip of my beef broth before I could stop her," she wrote.

We're sure many grown-ups who have tried to eat with a baby on their lap know the struggle of keeping a plate of food to themselves. Sure, food on a high chair tray gets thrown across the room, and yet when mommy or daddy haven't eaten in eight hours and finally have a nice forkful of something — that's the food baby wants. (Speaking from experience, my toddler may not even touch his own food, but as soon I'm about to eat the same piece of toast: It's the only thing he wants in life!)

Maybe kids would rather eat food if it's plated neatly like an adult's.

Some parents have developed pretty unique mechanisms for protecting their sought-after snacks.

Most mamas like Lakshmi are OK with sharing their meal with the little ones. And Lakshmi's other Instagram photos through the years show just how much she enjoys sharing her love of delicious things with Krishna.

It began even before Krishna was born.

It continues to this day, especially around the holidays, when Lakshmi and Krishna spend hours decorating Christmas cookies together.

In April, the darling duo even took a trip to Paris, where they enjoyed French fare over candlelight.

So, next time life calls for some super sweet mom-baby bonding inspiration, head over to Lakshmi's Instagram — or Joanna Gaines' for that matter. The lovable moments are worth it for anyone who has ever given up a bite — or two! — to an eager kid.