Our Best Thanksgiving Recipes Ever

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best thanksgiving pie recipe

We've gathered our best Thanksgiving recipes for a meal you'll never forget. Mix and match our top recipes for turkey, side dishes, pies, desserts, and more to create the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner.

Appetizers can buy you some time if you're a bit behind schedule — and if they're good, no one will mind waiting. Many of these recipes can easily be made ahead so they'll be ready to serve well before family members start snooping around the kitchen for snacks.

Thanksgiving is the time of year we go all out, so why not start the meal off with a first course of soup? These seasonal recipes work well for sit-down meals or can be served buffet-style from a big bowl or tureen.

The bird is usually the main event at Thanksgiving and we've got several recipes to make sure it comes out perfectly moist and tender.

More Side Dishes
Round out your Thanksgiving dinner with a few vegetable side dishes. The more the merrier!

Don't resort to the canned stuff this year! Kick up this underrated side dish with one of our bright and tangy recipes.

In most families, when it comes to Thanksgiving, there is pie and there is everything else. Here are a few recipes beyond the classic apple and pumpkin.

Other Desserts

If your family prefers a smorgasboard of sweets at Thanksgiving, here are a few holiday-worthy desserts you can mix and match.

Planning a small, intimate gathering of just two or four? Check out our Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas for Four or just Two!

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