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Montana dad claims his 6-year-old found a bullet at the bottom of a Cheetos bag

"He grabbed it and then he showed his mom and said, 'Mom, look at the bullet.' And she freaked out, you know?"
/ Source: TODAY

Montana father Buford Horn Weasel says his 6-year-old son found a spent bullet in a 3-ounce bag of Flamin' Hot Cheetos puffs a day after the boy first opened the bag. The father says the bag was first purchased on Saturday at a convenience store in Kalispell, Montana.

Horn Weasel told TODAY Food that the family had driven from their home in Elmo, Montana, to the city to do some "last-minute Easter shopping" when they stopped for a snack at a convenience store.

Horn Weasel told TODAY that his son ate half the bag on Saturday and finished off the snack on Sunday morning. That's when he says the boy discovered the bullet.

a bag of flaming hot cheetos puffs against a white background
The Cheetos bag Horn Weasel says his son found a bullet inside of.Courtesy of Buford Horn Weasel

"He finished them and at the bottom of the bag was, was that bullet," Horn Weasel said.

"He just picked it up and asked his mom what it was, but I'm pretty sure he knew," he added. "He grabbed it and then he showed his mom and said, 'Mom, look at the bullet.' And she freaked out, you know?"

Horn Weasel said that there was a slight tear by the fresh by date on the bag, but he wasn't sure if his son had done that or if the bag had been like that when they bought it.

a used bullet against a white background
The bullet Horn Weasel claims was at the bottom of the Cheetos bag.Courtesy of Buford Horn Weasel

He added that while he does own a hunting rifle, the bullet found in the bag is much smaller and likely from a pistol. While Horn Weasel does not know how the bullet made its way into the bag, he “highly doubts” that his son could’ve put it there, since they do not own pistols and the 6-year-old typically just “goes from school to home.”

In a statement to TODAY, Frito-Lay said the company is "committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our products."

"This situation is highly unusual and troubling, and we have already taken steps to investigate and attempt to identify the root cause," the statement reads. "We appreciate Mr. Weasel bringing this to our attention and will continue to work with him to resolve this matter.”

Horn Weasel says he just wants to know what happened and that Frito-Lay has been in touch with him, asking him to send the bag and bullet to them.

"It's a spent bullet, it was shot and it somehow ended up in our bag," Horn Weasel said. "That happened, you know?"