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Keep your summer skin glowing with this hydrating smoothie

/ Source: TODAY

Ready to up your food game at home, by the beach, or on the grill? We can help with that: Today Food teamed up with Well+Good to not just give you advice, but to show you how it’s done. (Because recipes are nice, but step-by-step videos are even better.) Each week, we’ll be unveiling new videos highlighting a super-easy, delish recipe that’s sure to become a go-to all year long.

Last week we kicked things off with a game changing kale destemming trick (no knife needed), and this week is all about keeping skin glowing—and not burnt to a crisp. After months of being cooped up inside, summer days are meant to be spent outside. But a bad sunburn can totally kill your beach vibes. Instead of reaching for the aloe vera when it's too late, save your skin, nourishing it from the inside out by sipping on a smoothie that hydrates and features some surprising sun-fighting ingredients.

The recipe used in the video featured above is made with chunks of juicy watermelon (super hydrating), strawberries (they contain ellagic acid, which works as a natural sunblock, and mint and aloe (which both soothe sunburns by triggering skin cell regeneration).

So while you still need to slather on the SPF, this smoothie gives you an added boost. Get the recipe here and watch the video to see how easy it is to make.