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All the toppings! Set up a build-your-own-burger bar for Memorial Day

Gaby Dalkin is grilling up crispy smashed burgers and piling them high with a creative selection of toppings.
/ Source: TODAY

What could be better than a perfect grilled burger on Memorial Day? One that's piled with loads of tasty toppings! Cookbook author and lifestyle expert Gaby Dalkin is sharing her tips, tricks and techniques to make the best burgers and set up a DIY burger bar. She shows us how to season and grill crispy smashed burgers and prepare a variety of delicious toppings — plus her favorite topping combos!

Burger Boosts

I love serving smash burgers because you don't have to worry about achieving the perfect doneness. You just want to get a really good, crispy burger.

Seasoning the burgers inside and out maximizes flavor. Mix in seasoning before forming the patties and then hit them with more salt and pepper on both sides after they've been pressed.

Press down on the patties with a spatula while they're cooking to get good contact with the grill and ensure you get a great char on the burgers.

Topping Tips

Technically the tasty burgers are the star of the show, but the real beauty of a great burger bar is all the amazing toppings.

Get creative with the options: Try different cheeses like cheddar, Pepper Jack or even Brie, anything goes! Provide condiments like ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce or anything else you want to top off a burger.

It couldn't be easier: Just set everything out and let guests create their own delicious, choose-your-own-burger adventure!

Creative Combos

Southwestern Burgers

This toppings combo is a nod to my Arizona roots. It features my famous guacamole, charred corn and fresh pico de gallo. The combination is truly outstanding. The secret to my guac is using both lemon and lime juice. If you haven't tried it before, get ready to have your mind blown!

Barbecue Burgers

You can't call anything barbecue without barbecue sauce, but you also need an appearance from crunchy coleslaw. I love how the smoky sauce and cool slaw balance each other out and the great texture the slaw adds to the burgers.

Philly Cheeseburgers

This burger is my ode to Philly with onions, peppers and fontina cheese. This Philly cheesesteak and burger hybrid is so delicious and satisfying.

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