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You can get a free Thanksgiving dinner, including the turkey, at Walmart — here's how

This promotion is legit, but you've got to shop now while supplies last.
Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet
"While celebrations may be smaller this year, the bargains could be bigger," Vicky Nguyen told TODAY.Judd Pilossof / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

One upside to this year's Thanksgiving is that food prices for many traditional items are the lowest they've been in years. There are plenty of deals to be had in stores, and there's even one special promotion that's better than a discount. It's actually a Thanksgiving meal — for free!

If you still haven't gone shopping for all the fixings yet, there's a deal you need to know about that will give you 100% cash back on select food items, effectively making your holiday dinner free. That's right, this offer from the app Ibotta is totally legit and will reimburse you for nine different items, like turkey, stuffing and cranberries, when you shop at Walmart now through November 25.

The company spotlighted the promotion on Instagram. "This year, we are excited to announce that we’re partnering with @Walmart to give away free Thanksgiving dinners! That’s right — 100% cash back on turkey, stuffing and more," said the post.

TODAY investigative and consumer correspondent Vicky Nguyen reported on the amazing offer and also provided helpful information on what to expect at the stores this holiday season.

"While celebrations may be smaller this year, the bargains could be bigger," Nguyen said, noting that turkeys are cheaper this year than they were last year, on average.

"Experts say the cost of Thanksgiving will be the lowest it's been in 10 years," she reported. For the most part, food is plentiful on shelves and grocers are asking customers to simply buy what they need and not stockpile.

There are also great deals to be had from big retailers, and many companies are rolling out big discounts even before Black Friday. One of the best offers is the one from Ibotta, and Nguyen confirmed that yes, they will actually pay you back for your Walmart purchases, as long as you abide by the rules.

"You can get your whole Thanksgiving dinner for free at Walmart," Nguyen said. "It's through this app, Ibotta, you can download it to your phone. You buy the turkey, you buy the stuffing, you buy the mashed potatoes. You buy the cranberry sauce. And then you submit the receipt on Ibotta and they send you back 100% of what you paid for it. You have to buy the ones that they select, but it's at Walmart."

According to Ibotta, there are nine offers that you can get 100% cash back on, and the offer is good only while supplies last. You must add the items to your list in the Ibotta app, and then make your purchases either in-store at Walmart or through Walmart's Pickup & Delivery service. You can also order your groceries online from the Ibotta browser extension or app.

The products on the list are meant to feed a family of five, but Ibotta says to check the serving sizes to determine what works best for your brood. You can choose to redeem one, or as many of the offers as you want, including all of them. And while you can double up on the mashed potatoes next Thursday, this offer is limited to one of each item per user.

If you want to go for that free Thanksgiving dinner, here are the items you’ll need to purchase:

  1. Butterball Turkey Breast Roast: $9.98 cash back
  2. McCormick Gravy, 0.87-ounce pouch: $1.12 cash back [SOLD OUT]
  3. Great Value Stuffing Mix, 6 ounces: $0.82 cash back
  4. Idahoan Mashed Potatoes, 8-ounce pouch: $1.88 cash back
  5. Campbell’s Condensed Cream of Mushroom Soup, 10.5-ounce can: $0.98 cash back
  6. Great Value Cranberry Sauce, 14 ounces: $0.98 cash back
  7. Great Value Green Beans, 12 ounces: $1.34 cash back
  8. French’s Crispy Fried Onions, 2.8 ounces: $1.92 cash back [SOLD OUT]
  9. Coca-Cola, 2-liter bottle: $1.89 cash back

Note that two of the items on the list are already sold out, and that the maximum value of this offer is $20.91. Happy Thanksgiving and safe shopping!