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How do you keep your burger juicy? Try this easy, foolproof trick

Kelly Senyei tests out three hacks for keeping burger patties moist and juicy, and finds out which one actually works.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s hard to beat a juicy burger decked out with the works and served hot from your grill or kitchen. But how do you guarantee the burgers you’re serving up at home are just as juicy and moist as the ones from your local burger joint?

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I searched far and wide for the top juicy burger hacks and put three of the most popular to the test, including the ice cube trick, the mayonnaise method and the ever-popular thumbprint technique. Sound intriguing? Watch the video and see which juicy burger hack was a total bust and which one yielded the most perfect of all patties.

Kelly Senyei is the founder of Just a Taste, an on-camera host and a professionally trained chef. She is also the author of "Food Blogging For Dummies." Follow her on Facebookand Instagram.