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How to cut and de-seed watermelon

Make enjoying summer's best fruit even more fun. Here are smart tips for cutting, de-seeding, eating and serving watermelon.
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Justin Chapple, host of FOOD & WINE's Mad Genius Tips, shares 4 brilliant tips for prepping and serving this juicy fruit.

How to cut watermelon into perfect cubes without the mess

Why: Cutting watermelon into cubes can be super messy because the juice gets everywhere from the carving board to the counter to the floor. Here's a brilliant tip for cutting perfect cubes without creating a juicy mess.

Method: Hold a large sharp knife at an angle parallel to one side of a watermelon wedge and make a 1-inch-wide cut all the way down to the rind. Continue to make parallel cuts at the exact same angle at 1-inch intervals until you reach the bottom. Rotate the watermelon wedge and make the same cuts on the opposite side. Turn the watermelon so a long side is facing you and make vertical cuts at 1-inch intervals down to the rind. Scoop the cubes into a bowl and serve.

Neatest way to eat a watermelon wedge

Why: Eating watermelon triangles can leave your face sticky with juice. Instead, try trimming the rind off the two edges of the watermelon triangle, which leaves a nifty handle for holding the triangle while exposing the watermelon for easy eating.

How: Lay a watermelon triangle on a carving board. Using a small knife, cut off the edges of the rind, leaving a 2-inch handle in the center. Voila!

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Best way to de-seed a seeded watermelon

Why: Seeded watermelons can be annoying to snack on unless you're standing over a pail for spitting out those pesky, inedible seeds. But, preparing your watermelon in just the right way can make deseeding a breeze.

How: Using a large knife, cut 1 inch off the top and bottom of the watermelon and then cut it in half crosswise. Place the watermelon cut side down on a carving board and, using the knife, cut off and discard the rind. Cut the watermelon vertically into 1-inch-thick slices. Working with 1 slice at a time, gently break the watermelon along the vein of seeds. Using a small knife or spoon, scrape off the seeds and transfer the seedless watermelon portions to a bowl. Repeat with the remaining slices.

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Best way to serve watermelon at a party

Why: Having a big bowl of watermelon wedges can be messy and leaves a party-goer's face messy with juice. Instead of serving the fruit in wedges, cut the watermelon in half and then cut crosswise into a grid. It's a fun presentation and is perfectly easy to snack on. Plus, there's no need to dirty another bowl because you can serve it right on the board.

How: Using a large knife, cut a watermelon in half and lay it cut side down on a carving board. Cut the watermelon crosswise in both directions to form a grid. Serve the watermelon directly on the board, that way guests can pick up each spear for a mess-less, tasty snack.