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Hot YouTube videos: Rose cupcakes, 'slacker' milk shake

Abbi Tatton is a senior manager at YouTube, where she works with the trends team to uncover and highlight what the world is watching on YouTube

From creative Valentine’s Day ideas to quick and easy household cleaning hacks, here are a few popular YouTube videos and channels on the site this week. 

Rose cupcakes for Valentine's Day
With more than 40 million views and 250 videos on her YouTube channel, MyCupcakeAddiction, Australia’s Elise Strachan is out to teach the world the art of cake decorating — with no expensive classes or fancy equipment required. A former flight attendant, Elise is now pursuing her dream of becoming a pastry chef based on her YouTube success. MyCupcakeAddiction is a treasure trove of ideas for Valentine’s Day, from Love Heart Cake Pops to Vintage Rose Cupcakes.  

5 quick and handy cleaning hacks
Melissa Maker shows you how to hack your way through life's cleaning conundrums on her YouTube channel, Clean My Space, which has more than a hundred videos and almost a hundred thousand subscribers. Melissa started making how-to tutorials in 2010, and now has videos covering everything from toasters to mattresses to touch screens watched 6 million times across more than 140 countries. Need help getting started? Try her Cleaning Motivation video. 

'Slacker' milk shake
A milk shake made of seven ice cream sandwiches? No wonder it has millions of views. This video is from Tastemade, whose mission is to connect the world through food. They have something for everyone — hundreds of videos for food lovers, covering original recipes to travel and entertainment. The Tastemade network has over 100 channels, hosted by tastemakers from across the globe. (If the “slacker shake” isn’t the recipe for you, try another one of their many recipes, maybe from the series “Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.”)