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Man eats Domino's pizza every day for a year and somehow lost weight

A New Jersey pizza lover wanted to prove that even while eating a fast food-heavy diet, you can still work out and stay healthy.
/ Source: TODAY

Think you could stomach eating an entire pizza every day for a year?

Not only does one guy say he did it, but he's actually claiming that he managed to lose about five pounds over the course of the challenge.

Brian Northrup of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, ordered a Domino’s pizza every day for 367 days and documented the journey on social media. But why did he decide to do this in the first place — besides the fact that pizza is delicious, of course? To show that even with a bad diet, you can still work out to be healthy.

“If you see me, a relatively small guy, who was never a good athlete … I want to be a reminder of what's possible through hard work,” Northrup said, according to a report from Foodbeast.

His Instagram feed is filled with images of him posing with a new pizza every day. Changing up the order to keep things exciting, Northrup ate pies ranging from classic double pepperoni to the rather unusual, like pineapple and feta cheese.

In fact, his feed is kind of like an inspiration board for new toppings to try. There's the spinach and tomato pie, a double jalapeno pie and the Philly steak and red pepper pie. (We guess when you’re eating pizza from the same place every day, it’s best to switch things up!)

On the last day of his so-called #pizzaapocalypse, Northrup flexed his (stomach) muscles and ate three pizzas to celebrate.

Of course, there are some potential health concerns that arise when eating something as calorie-rich and carb-heavy as a pizza. But Northrup says he kept eye on his body by not only working out regularly, but also consulting his doctor.

“I did go see a doctor and had my blood tested for all the routine health markers such as both 'good and bad' cholesterol, fasted blood sugar levels, etc. and those tests came out showing healthy levels,” he said. “Also obviously had my blood pressure checked, and that was well within the range of what is considered to be healthy.”

He added that the doctor didn’t have much to say when he told her what he set out to do. “I assume she thought I was crazy, but she didn't make any sort of attempt to deter me from attempting this.”

This isn’t the first time someone has set out to eat at a specific fast food restaurant every day. One man ate at Chipotle for 155 days straight while another lasted 425 days at the same fast casual restaurant.

Obviously eating out every day, particularly at the same place, isn’t for most people. But Northrup did show that he was able to maintain a lean figure even with a bad diet thanks to exercise — which is important to remember, even if you aren’t eating pizza daily.

Lest you think this was just a big marketing stunt, Jenny Fouracre, Domino's director of public relations, confirmed to TODAY Food that Northrup was not sponsored by corporate. She did, however, note that while the chain didn't pay for any of his meals, she hopes "he’s a member of our Loyalty program and has probably earned some free pizza through that!"

According to Northrup's own Instagram post, he did indeed earn 24 free pizzas through his edible adventure.