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Hangry? Now you can cut the line at Papa John's — but it will cost you

/ Source: TODAY

We've all had that craving for pizza that we just can't shake. The desire for delicious dough covered in tomato sauce and melty cheese can be overwhelming, so one company is taking advantage of its weak-willed, pizza-loving clientele.

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Papa John's is testing a new "Papa Priority" program that allows customers to pay an additional fee to bump their pizza order to the top of the line. The idea behind this new program is that paying extra means that your delivery gets to you extra fast.

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The company is charging around $3 for this service, but the exact amount is based on date, time and "Papa John's sole discretion," according to the Associated Press. This could mean surge pricing for your precious pizza delivery!

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The program only applies to pizza ordered directly from Papa John's (not through a third party site) and the priority fee is charged in addition to the standard delivery fee, according to the Papa John's website. That means you have to be pretty darn committed to getting your pizza ASAP.

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It seems like a crazy proposition in the light of day, but we have to admit that when Thursday night rolls around and we're desperate for some delicious food...we might just consider shelling out the three bucks. Wouldn't you?