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The best cold brew coffees, according to Good Housekeeping

The Good Housekeeping Institute reveals its favorite ready-to-drink cold brew coffees of the year.
/ Source: Good Housekeeping

Sales of cold brew coffee are up over 300 percent in five years, and the refreshing drink is lower in acid than regular joe, which some say makes it easier on the stomach. But does cold brew live up to the hype? The Good Housekeeping Institute's tests found that people either love it or hate it, so drink up and decide for yourself! Here are the highest scoring cold brew coffees.

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Method: The Good Housekeeping Institute narrowed the field to nationally available ready-to-drink brews that met the standard (6 grams of sugar or less per 8 ounces) set by Jaclyn London, registered dietician and nutrition director for the Good Housekeeping Institute. Then, they started sipping...

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1. Sweetest sip: Chameleon Vanilla

Score: 70/100 with testers

Tasting notes: Called "dessert-like" by our testers, this sweet option was hailed for its "smooth" texture. We recommend it for cold brew novices, since the vanilla notes make it more palatable. As it's presweetened, it's best consumed as a treat. $4 for a 10-oz. bottle

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2. Cult fave: Stumptown Stubby

Score: 65/100 with testers

Tasting notes: This pick from Portland, Oregon is sold at grocery stores nationwide. Our panelists enjoyed its "silky" texture and "cinnamony" taste. If you're adventurous, try the Nitro. which brings to mind a creamy stout beer. Regular, $4 for a 10.5-oz. bottle; Nitro, $5 for an 11-oz. can

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3. Super strong: Grady's Cold Brew Concentrate

Score: 62/100 with testers

Tasting notes: Each 32-oz. bottle yields eight servings. Grady's suggests adding an equal amount of water or milk to your cup (over ice), but our testers loved the "chocolate notes" and "intense" flavor when it was served undiluted. $13 for a 32-oz. bottle; which yields 8 servings!

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Runners up:

Slingshot Cold Brew

Voted "Most Versatile".. with a super smooth flavor but great for a cold crew latte, it's one you can even turn into a cocktail with a splash of vodka or tequila. $12 for three 12-oz. bottles/$15 for a 64-oz. coffee box which yields 8 servings

La Colombe Cold Brew

Who likes beer?? This cold brew is steeped for 16 hours in a stainless steel wine tank, free from oxygen, pressed and filtered twice and tasters said it had a distinct beer taste to it. $8 for two 12-oz. bottles/$36 for a 12 pack

More ready-to-drink cold brew coffees to try:

Stumptown Nitro, $5 for an 11-oz. can

Blue Bottle (Black) Cold Brew, $4 for an 8=oz. can

Chameleon Black Cold Brew, $4 for a 10-oz. bottle