An Asian-inspired feast from chef Nori Sugie

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Some of the most renowned chefs in the world will soon be calling the new Time Warner Center in New York City home when it opens to the public next month. Culinary greats like Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter will make the new complex a virtual food court heaven. But one young chef, Nori Sugie had an early jump on the others when restaurant "Asiate," perched high on the 35th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, opened recently to rave reviews. Sugie shares some of his techniques on "Today." Check out his recipes here: 

(Please note: Many of the ingredients in the following recipes can be obtained at Asian grocery stores.)


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Pan-Fried Prawns and Fresh Pasta En Papillote With Shellfish XO SauceNori Sugie

Serves 4

Clean and de-shell prawns. Marinate overnight with shellfish oil, garlic and chopped thyme. Chop garlic, galangal and coriander until very fine. Pan-fry prawns for about 40 seconds with peanut oil. Add hoisin sauce, oyster sauce, xo sauce, lobster stock and chicken stock. Season.

Combine shrimp, pasta, prawns and wrap in four individual pieces of parchment paper (a specialist cooking paper), and bake on tray in medium-hot oven until paper is golden brown (about 10 minutes). Garnish with above-listed presentation ingredients.

91230276048134082604996049231902prawns1212 large prawnsshellfish oil4teaspoon4 tsp shellfish oilthyme11 small spring fresh thymegarlic1clove1 clove garlicpasta2cup2 cups fresh pasta (preferably homemade)hoisin sauce4teaspoon4 tsp hoisin sauceoyster sauce2teaspoon2 tsp oyster saucexo sauce1teaspoon1 tsp XO saucegalangal 1teaspoon1 tsp galangal (an Asian herb)garlic0.5teaspoon½ tsp garliccoriander root2teaspoon2 tsp chopped coriander rootlobster stock0.5liter½ liter lobster stock, reduced by halfchicken stockliter½ liter chicken stock, reduced by halfSalt and pepperSalt and pepperroquette 1bunch1 bunch wild roquette (arugula)parmesan cheese3teaspoon3 tsp parmesan cheese, grated truffle3teaspoon3 tsp chopped truffle

Recipes provided by chef Nori Sugie. Copyright 2004. All rights reserved.