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Meowza! Weatherman eats cat vomit on live TV

The forecast? Gross, with a slight chance of did-he-really-eat-that? Some local news weathermen like to clown around while delivering the forecast, but Scot Haney of WFSB-TV, the CBS station in Hartford, Conn., went too far on Wednesday. During a live newscast, Haney scooped what he thought was a handful of Grape Nuts cereal off the studio floor and popped it into his mouth -- only to learn too late it wasn't cereal, but cat vomit.

"They're a little soggy," said Haney upon first bite, as his fellow anchors looked on horrified. "And they taste like shoes."

Slowly, it began to dawn on Haney that no one was running around pouring handfuls of Grape Nuts on the studio floor, and he'd actually consumed something more troubling.

"I think that might be dog doody," Haney announced.

Wrong domestic animal, wrong ... er ... end of the domestic animal. Haney announced on-air later that he'd discovered the secret of the sickening substance.

"Those were not Grape Nuts that I ate," Haney said. "I kept finding more and more of it on the floor and I thought it was Grape Nuts because it looked just like it. My cat threw up, and I must've stepped in it and that's what I ate." As proof, Haney held up his kitty barf-splattered shoe.

"It's disgusting!" he said. "I'm gonna throw up. All right, I'm done. I'm not doing my story, I'm tired. Go to Irene (O'Connor, a WFSB anchor)."

Haney wasn't shy about sharing the news about what he'd consumed, even tweeting about it. Fans were quick to join in the fun.

"I think you need a breath mint or cat nip," tweeted Tanya Capeci.

Even his own employer couldn't resist teasing Haney -- and using his strange dietary choice as a way to coax viewers to watch.