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Unlock our new TODAY Snapchat Lenses and learn how to create your own!

Unlock our new TODAY Snapchat Lenses and learn how to create your own!
/ Source: TODAY

Snapchat is known for its interactive lenses that add interactive elements to photos and videos. Well users can now add TODAY features to their Snaps!

Beginning Tuesday, anyone can make their own face Lens in Snapchat's Lens Studio. TODAY got an exclusive sneak peek and made a special TODAY Puppy Lens and Team TODAY Lens (below) for viewers at home.

Carson Daly trying out the Team TODAY Snapchat Lens.TODAY

If you are reading this on your phone, you can unlock the Team TODAY Baseball Cap Lens by clicking here and you can unlock the TODAY Puppy Lens featuring Sunny, our new puppy with a purpose, by clicking here.

If you are reading this on a desktop or laptop computer:

  1. Open up Snapchat on your phone.
  2. Point your Snapchat camera at the one of the Snapcode images below.
  3. Scan the image on the screen (press and hold your thumb over the Snapcode).
  4. A pop-up box will appear to unlock the lens.
Unlock the Team TODAY Snapchat Lens!TODAY
Unlock the TODAY Puppy Snapchat Lens!TODAY

Lens Studio is Snap's desktop app that is free and available for anyone to design and build their own augmented reality Snapchat Lenses. More than 30 percent of daily Snapchat users play with Lenses each day, averaging over 3 minutes each per day. It’s perfect for your kids who are learning how to code to apply their new skills. Once you make your Lens, you'll get a Snapcode to share for anyone to unlock and use in Snapchat.

Lens StudioSnap

Also, Snapchat has included new face Lens templates you can use to get started faster:

  • Face Paint: Create art on your face to show for a Lens that shows off makeup, costumes and accessories.
  • Baseball Cap: Make simple adjustments to the 3D baseball cap to change the color, brim style and add a single image to make it your own. (Face Paint and the Baseball Cap templates were used to create the Team TODAY Lens.)
  • Photo: This template is similar to Face Paint, but only requires the creator to have a single, head-on photo of their face creation. Import that image into Lens Studio and the “Detect Face” functionality will align the image to a face Lens. (The Photo template was used to create the TODAY Puppy Lens.)
  • Distort: Everything you need to give your friends a wacky new look - stretch a face in all directions, make your eyes bulge, and more.
  • Trigger: Create experiences based off of facial movements -- like raising your eyebrows, blinking, opening/closing your mouth, and smile; scripting and 3D experience helpful.
  • 2D Objects: Attach 2D images to your head! With 2D illustration experience, users can apply sprites to build Lenses much like the favorite dog eared Lens.
  • 3D Objects: Attach 3D objects to a face or multiple faces. For multiple faces, the 3D objects for each face can be the same or different.

Download Snapchat Lens Studio now to get started. Just click here.

If you don’t have Snapchat, download it here and install it on your phone now!